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So…on Monday early morning around 2:00 am the worse hurricane in history on Baja California Sur hit as category 4 with 125 mph winds that hit my home town Los Cabos. At this moment there has been no communication over there, not even with my family, they have no power or water, the stores are wrecked and there’s is no food, there’s people who are homeless up to this point and are being transferred to Mexico City. Since this town is economically based on tourism and it’s going to affect in a major way, all of the luxury resorts are destroyed, fishing is ruined which was also a pretty big income. And there’s also a tropical storm heading Cabo called Polo.

To make things short, we need all the support we can get and it’ll mean a lot if you could cooperate in this link here:

It’s going to take some time to rebuild Cabo and its my little home paradise and i hate not being there, please im not asking you to donate but atleast pass this along! It’ll be the best thing ever if you could pich in anything helps now.

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